Electric Skillets

Electric Skillets: 10" and 12" Available

316Ti Stainless Steel Construction

Hard, polished 316Ti Stainless Steel resists pitting, cracking and chipping. Edges are welded for a perfect permanent seal. Like the rest of the Saladmaster line, your Electric Skillet will keep its mirror finish for years.

Amazing Liquid Oil Core

Fast, even heat distribution over the entire cooking surface, without hot spots. A special heat conducting fluid is encased within layers of high quality 316Ti Stainless Steel. The Liquid Oil Core also stores heat from the kitchen to your table, even after skillet is unplugged.

Fully Immersible

Remove the Versa Touch Electronic Probe and the Saladmaster Electric Skillet can be easily washed in your sink or placed in the dishwasher. Water does not damage the heating element as it is sealed beneath the cooking surface, protected from moisture and corrosion.


The key to worry-free cooking is Saladmaster’s Exclusive Vapo-Valve. The Vapo-Valve helps you preserve nutrition, control the cooking temperature, and eliminates “Pot Watching”.

Versa Touch Probe
The Versa Touch Electric Probe features a digital readout and touch-pad temperature settings for precise monitoring and control of cooking temperature. The toggle display switches from temperature, shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius, to a rundown timer which shows how much cooking time is left and automatically turns off when finished. This stylish and safe new technology also includes an over-temperature limit device to prevent dangerous overheating.