Electric 5-Quart Roaster (4.7L)

For easy cooking without the stove

316Ti Stainless Steel

Saladmasters multi-purpose electric 5-quart is a “must have” for easy cooking without even turning on your stove! Food always comes out perfectly because of our exclusive heat conduction system that is the finest available for cookware. Fast, even heat distribution void of hot spots is achieved because of special heat conduction oil sandwiched between layers of high quality stainless steel.

The MP5 is perfect for simmering stews, soups, barbecue, ribs, and sauces – delectable dishes that need time to release their wonderful flavors. And it’s quick and easy for things like vegetables, appetizer dips and even hot chocolate. A touch-pad heat control even features two convenient automatic rice settings.

The Saladmaster MP5 goes from kitchen to table piping hot for effortless cooking. The oil core holds heat long after the appliance is unplugs. And this wonderful addition to your kitchen is fully immersible for easy cleanup!